Technology and marketing have changed drastically in the past decade, and many business owners and managers have been unable to keep up. Small businesses, and even some corporate executives, can’t seem to get ahead of the technology growth. In my line of work I hear many of the following questions almost on a daily basis:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. How do I get started in Social Media?
  3. Should I use an agency or freelancer to build my website?
  4. I need to hire an IT person, but I know nothing about tech. What do I do?
  5. Should my company have a blog/facebook page/twitter account?
  6. Do I really need a comprehensive digital strategy?
  7. How do I read my web analytics?
  8. Does all this mobile talk affect me?

Nathan Pond is a technology consultant in Cincinnati, OH who specializes in all things technology and digital marketing. Working by day as the Director of Technology for Strata-G, One of the largest full-service Advertising Agencies in Cincinnati, evenings and weekends are spent helping small business owners and managers with technology and digital marketing challenges. From a short consultation on what you should be doing with social media all the way to helping you hire a qualified tech person, there isn’t much in the tech world Nathan hasn’t been exposed to on some level. And if there’s one thing Nathan loves, it’s providing fresh insight into other peoples challenges.

From a very young age, Nathan has been in love with Technology. Writing his first computer program at age 9, and not stopping since, software development comes as natural as riding a bike. Whether it be the RadioShack color computer, a TI calculator, or the PC shared with his brothers, Nathan could often be found writing programs for fun or that made his life easier. When the web came around Nathan latched on like a bee on honey, constantly pushing the boundaries of what early browsers could do. After earning a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Business, Nathan went to work for a small startup building online games and a community for gamers to connect online. After that venture, Nathan joined a consulting firm working on enterprise applications and becoming the primary database developer for a data warehousing application.

Though technology is a passion, sitting at a desk cranking out code all day wasn’t the ideal situation, and Nathan left consulting to join Strata-G in order to exercise the business education and desires. Digital marketing turned out to be as good a fit as technology, and the combination of technology and marketing proved to be the perfect blend for Nathan to excel.

Today Nathan oversees the technology department at Strata-G, taking part in digital strategy, website development, SEO/Paid Search, web analytics, project management, and mobile applications. While the day job keeps him busy and fulfilled, Nathan also extends his passion into consulting for companies who are too small to be a good fit for agency relationships. Have any technology or marketing challenges that you need help with? Give him a call. You won’t be sorry you did!