Technology and Advertising… Can’t We All Just Get Along

A co-worker of mine forwarded this link to me a few weeks ago, and I just got around to reading it.

Thirsty Thursday of Knowledge – Tivo Comes to YouTube

This short post offers some insights into the subject of advertising and technology. While I’ve heard for years that technology is having a negative impact on advertising, I believe Tom Martin hit the nail on the head when he said “Technology doesn’t kill advertising. Bad advertising kills advertising…”

It’s true, advertising isn’t as simple as it used to be. More marketing channels means you need need a more comprehensive strategy, more measurement to determine which advertising is effective, and brings a more analytical aspect to advertising than the days of old where Creative Directors were the kings in the advertising world. Technology offers up many new and exciting trends in advertising, and those who embrace them are going to be the advertisers of the future, for at least a decade or two anyway…

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